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artist success tips Jan 31, 2018

Hi there!

First off, you can be successful in the arts and you will be. 

Second, in order to be successful you not only need the art but you also need certain business type things like an Artist Statement.

Artist Statements are notoriously difficult to write. I know. I'm an artist too.

Have you always wanted to have an Artist Statement like the ones you see in galleries and on the websites of the uber famous? Your art work is really good. You're ready to show and sell but you don't know how to talk or write about it in a a way that really shows your vision. My free online workshop, 4 Simple Steps to a Powerful Artist Statement, will show you how to write in a way that will match what you picture in your mind. Here's the link to my *FREE class: 4 Simple Steps to a Powerful Artist Statement Sign up now!

This course is for those who don't yet have an Artist Statement and also for those who want to re-work their current one.

Come join the crowd and get to work on propelling your art career to massive heights.


you're the best,



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