About Me

Hello and welcome to my creative world!

I’m Cynthia.

I’m an artist, an encouraging, FUN art teacher and a lover of happiness. I adore the mess of paint all over me after a day immersed in my studio. I've been an artist all my life. Making art feeds my soul, brings me joy and makes me think. Here's the URL to my art website where I show all of my art: http://www.cynthiaunderwood.com

I also make art to help bring you joy. Yeah, you heard right. I want you to be happy, to dream big and to live a brave, adventurous and colorful life. So, I created this online Art Academy where I offer fun, instructional, inspirational courses on art and happiness.

So, a little bit about my style:

Some people call me a creative rebel and I definitely agree.

I painted this car that some thieves dumped across from my studio:

I want to help you make art beyond your wildest imagination.

My big dream is to help zillions of people explore their creativity in their own beautiful or hard-edge or gentle or vintage way. I want to guide you in making art that is breathtakingly gorgeous, courageous, colorful and intuitive. I want you to discover how awesome and talented you are in your very own creative way.

I’m so glad you stopped by my happy art spot here. I hope to get to know you and your brand of creativity in some of my classes that are offered right here on this site. Or, if you aren't interested in taking a class, please come back and make use of all of my free offerings.

Also you can to opt-in for my emails full of artsy tidbits from me on the bottom of: http://www.cynthiaunderwood.net 

P.S. When I’m not making art, I guide inventors on creating their unique inventions and then I grant their Design Patent at the US Patent and Trademark Office.

P.P.S Here are a few more pieces of my art work:

Here's my set-up for the photo on the top of the Home page and your login page:


This is a painting that I made using acrylics and lots of agua:


This is a playing card that I made for the Playing Cards class I offer here:

This is my studio helper, Stewie:

The world needs your creativity and your happiness.

Stay in contact! :)