‚ÄčARTIST SPOTLIGHT #1: Stanley Olivera

artist spotlight Jan 05, 2016


So, I'm extremely humble about my success I don't brag about my opportunities or anything. I'm kind of shy and reserved about these types of things. I guess that’s my introvertedness kicking in....But this very moment right here happened weeks ago and I'm now sharing it. I had a meeting with a big name who really liked my stuff and has yet to see my new stuff... Well, no one had am opportunity to see my new stuff, but I told him about myself after he saw my website and took a genuine liking to me and work. Everything is GREAT that is happening now regarding my photography. He told me "YOU DESERVE IT."

HARD WORK does pay off! Never give up on yourself. Believe in yourself and work hard. Be humble and don't have an EGO! I'm so excited for what’s to come! Everyone who is close to me knows how HARD I work with my Photography and it is paying off. I'm so excited for what’s to come soon! Love is love.



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