Artist Spotlight #2: Tayseer Alhibishi -Inventor

artist spotlight Mar 16, 2016

Tayseer invented a device that provides cell phone and internet coverage when regular systems are down, like in the case of a country at war where systems aren’t working properly.


He says: “I am from Yemen, a country war-torn, but I live in a Saudi Arabia. I was sent here as a refugee a while back. Fortunately now I’ve received papers that allow me live here as a resident.


I am a specialist of natural disasters. I work on the development of innovative high altitudes communications platforms that operate in cases of natural disasters. When communications platforms, like cell phone and internet coverage, are down because of disasters, my invention is there to provide emergency coverage.


I dream of the day when all people affected by disaster can easily send a distress call to emergency service providers on every inch of the earth. My invention gives the opportunity for this.”


Here is a video showing Tayseer’s invention:


His website:

 One of the guys who helped manufacture it: Yaseer ياسر الشافعي



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