ARTIST SPOTLIGHT #6 Judith Reiter: artist

artist spotlight Apr 07, 2016


 “In my paintings I am most interested in showing the feelings that are happening in a situation in very real way so that the viewer will also feel them.


What I do to find my subject matter for my paintings is to simply walk around the city or the countryside observing. I use my camera as my sketchbook. It records what I see. Then, I go back and look at my photos when I start feeling an image for my next painting coming to mind.


So, I do a lot of looking, shooting photos and taking in images and atmospheres prior to actually painting a painting. Sometimes it can take over a year before one of these images has matured in my mind and then this is when I paint it.


The part of being an artist and painting my paintings that I enjoy the most is how people respond to me when they’re looking at my work. They’re often inspired to open up with me and tell me their joys and sorrows. I’m hoping that it’s because I transported them into the atmosphere I captured in the painting and they’re touched by it.”


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