ARTIST SPOTLIGHT # 7 Gareth Jones aka G.Jonez: Artist

artist spotlight Apr 07, 2016


 My work is hugely informed by the fact that I'm properly fucking mental. I was diagnosed with a serious form of Bipolar Affective Disorder a couple of years ago and that completely turned my life upside down. I spent a while in hospital and, when I arrived, I thought 'this can't be that bad'. You've seen the films right? Mad people running around, screaming? Well it was WORSE than that! On my first day, a guy ran at me full pelt, with a mouth full of paper clips. I stood my ground but then realised that he was actually running at the wall so he could 'make his head explode' by chewing on electrical sockets. Needless to say, I spent a fair amount of time in my room. In that time I read a lot about art history, made sketches of things that I'd seen in the hospital and found myself oddly inspired. As soon as I got out I spent weeks in the studio, without any breaks, just making art. Looking back, I could have been slightly manic in this period (!!!!!) but it certainly informed the work I make now.


Humour is especially important. For me it's life saving as I need to see the lightness and fun through a prism of manic depression. Everything is difficult so I have no time for 'dilly dallying' as we Brits would call it, so I'm quite direct. Only a few things matter to me: art, my loved ones (invisible and visible- JOKE!!) and what to have for lunch in any given day. I really like lunch.

I also seek to raise debate through art without shying away from controversy. I work predominantly with mixed media on canvas - using everything from bubble gum to bullet cases - whilst also exploring performance art and sculpture to communicate thoughts, opinions and to distill a myriad of ideas into one piece.”


Cynthia: Gareth is also very funny and has uniquely engaging marketing ads that he posts on his personal page on Facebook. Here is an example:


“Buy some work...don't buy any work. Give it a 'like' or don't bother. Just don't waste my fucking time. Commissions available on request but be aware, the pretty shit I make for you is just to fund much darker work that'll likely scare your kids. You should know that you're feeding a habit so if you're comfortable with am I. Many thanks for your continued interest.”


Gareth's website:


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