Color Theory Basics Broken down by Stewie the Art Expert Cat

stewie the art expert cat Jul 18, 2018

Color Theory Basics Broken down by Stewie the Art Expert Cat


First, why do we even have this thing called color theory? Well, Sir Isaac Newton discovered that white light -what we see all around us, is comprised of the entire spectrum of colors in 1666. Meow.  Smart guy! You know when you have a prism hanging in the window and when the light goes through it splits into rainbow colors? Well, that’s exactly what Sir Isaac Newton was talking about. Paws up to this discovery!


So here is the kitty cat low-down on colors:

Primary Colors: Red, Blue and Yellow.  These colors are the foundation of every single other color. I’m not even kidding.  Claws out! Primaries cannot be created by mixing other colors. They re mixed together to create all of the other colors. I’m not even meowing catting around with you!


Secondary Colors: These are created by mixing Primary colors together. So, these are purple, orange and green


Tertiary Colors are a combo of primary and secondary colors.  Meowza!

So if you meowing think about it, all you need is red, blue and yellow to create every single color ever in the world. Meow!

Joan Mitchell below! Meowza!


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