artist success tips Apr 04, 2016

I’ve been talking about success in the arts, making good money, getting into shows and so forth. There are lots of things that you can do these days with the internet and cell phones to help propel you to success. You can have a website to show loads of people your work, you can sell through your website, you can show the world your values and ideas through a blog on your website. If you don’t have website it’s time to make yourself one. Try Squarespace or Wordpress. I prefer Squarespace for ease.


The other day I was asked if technology has changed the process of breaking into the art world.  The woman who asked me was a very successful camerawoman in Hollywood before cell phones, the Internet and social media. She said that she made her way in by calling every single commercial filming agency in Los Angeles and through face-to-face interactions. She was consistent and knew she’d get in if she kept trying.

Things have indeed changed since the camerawoman with the Internet but one thing has definitely not changed and that is that you MUST build relationships with gallery owners, fellow artists and patrons.  To build a relationship you go to openings at all sorts of galleries and focus on those who show work like yours since they are the ones who will be interested in including your work in shows. Support your fellow artists by going to their shows. Invite your artist friends over to critique your work and do the same for them.  We need critiques and this is a great way to develop a friendship. Organize your own show and include your friends.  Ask them to do the same and include you.  You don’t need a gallery to do this. You can do it in your apartment or garage. Go online and participate in art groups and also right here with me and the artists here on my page. Building relationships takes time but if you don’t build them then you most likely will not get ahead at all in the art world -or in any creative field.

So, comment below with what you’re going to do to build relationships.


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