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artist success tips Dec 21, 2016

Artists, inventors and hopefuls!

Have you ever had an idea for an invention but get stuck on how to actually make it? Or maybe you’re stuck on the fact that you can’t think of anything brand spanking new.  I mean, that’s what an invention is, isn’t it? Brand new? Well, actually, no. An invention can indeed be something brand new but an invention is also an innovation.  An innovation is when you take something already out in the world and you change it to make it better in some way.  So, you might make a wine glass more ergonomic or add Art Deco styling to a building it or add telescoping feature to a barf bag….the barf bag is real and I attached the patent for proof.  When you barf into it the bottom telescopes out to hold the volume.  Gross, but practical. See attached patent drawing:



What should I do, you may be asking.  Here’s your first step:

Pull out pen and paper.  Free write and draw EVERYTHING you’re thinking.  Everything.  Go big, go small, go decorative, go telescoping, go micro mini, go cup handles with spikes, go pint glasses with undulating rim, GO BIG!


Do you have an idea that you want out of your head and into the marketplace?  Do you have questions about how to make your item so that people will want to buy it? Are you at square 1 or square 10 and are ready to get to step 1000 and make your dream real?


Sign up for a consultation with me where we will put our noses to the grindstone and map out exactly what you need to do to get your invention or art making dreams come true. 


Check out the details of my consultations and sign up here:

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