Stewie reviews Let Me Eat Cake

stewie the art expert cat Jul 18, 2018

Stewie the Art Expert Cat reviews "Let Me Eat Cake"

Sweets for the sweet, I always meowing say. I was fortunate enough to strut up to the opening of “Let Me Eat Cake” at Post in DTLA curated by the super smart and saavy Kristine Shomaker last Caturday. This show is an in your face celebration of sweets with artwork about sweets and lots of real life sweets to gorge on. Sweet! Meow! While this indeed an over-the-top celebration of all things sugar, the challenge that led Shomaker to curate this show is her experience dealing with her own disordered eating. Of note, a portion of the sales will be donated to Meow! Go Kristine! Paws up!

This show is a “Kamikaze” show meaning that the show is installed and torn down in a single day. Meowza! Lots of human cats came to this extraordinary opening and we all gorged on sweets while looking at pieces that are about sweets. SWEET! Pawsome! 

Check out these shots: 

1st photo: Catherine Ruane’s 12x12 cupcake drawing is breathtaking both technically and color wise. As a cat, meow, I see her gorgeous work and all I want to do is fight one of her tasty cupcakes…I hope she’ll draw some Friskies Shredded Beef too in her mouth watering style. 

2nd photo: I didn’t meowing catch he name of this artist but Check out the Robert Gober references! Meow! Take note that this artist is pushing the idea of body parts sticking out of the wall by having these body parts serve us treats. Purrrr...

3rd photo is of an ice cream sandwich sculpture. This one brought me back to Picasso’s ceramic works. Tasty! Claws out! 

4th photo is of three ice cream sundae parfait’s that I need to lick stat! Meowza! The gallery was pretty hot since we were having a heat wave in LA at the time and these ice cream parfait pieces helped out! Nice meowing work.

5th photo is of the statuesque and amazing artist, Emily Elisa Halpern taking in the deliciousness of A.S. Ashley’s work. Purrrr...

The last shot is of the infamous curator, Kristine Shomaker! You go girl! Thanks so much for putting on a PAWSOME Kamikaze art night!.


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