Stewie reviews Terri Lloyd’s Bloody and Interesting Work

stewie the art expert cat Jul 24, 2018

Holy cat fangs!! I visited crazy cat lady Terri Llyod’s show at the Venice (California) Art Crawl last week and was meowing blown away by her work and her graciousness. She brought me my favorite Friskies Shredded Beef and won my kitty cat, albeit very tough guy, heart over. Yumz! Insider tip: If you want me to review your work then feed me my favorite FRISKIES SHREDDED BEEF….balls of string are welcome too.

Damn, my shots don’t show the correct color. Check out the shot below with both pieces to see the true color. That’s Terri’s shot, fyi. 

Anywayzzzzmeoooowwwzzzz, She showed two works from her series she calls “Mudras”.

She says, “Mudras are typically hand gestures representing various principles or aspects of either Buddhism, Hinduism or Yoga. In the case of Lloyd’s Mudras series, she says, “I explore how the gesture often belies more of the truth or more of a story than words alone”. I don’t really understand that either, but hey, I’m a cat and I really only understand mice and Friskies Shredded Beef. In any case, meow, these works will enliven your cat house 500%.  Contact me here for purchase info.

So meow, the pieces are: Myopia which features a bloody finger. I’m thinking stray cat bloody dinner. Truly. The blood still looks warm…meowwwwwww…


The second with the two hands and red square is called “Releasing” Terri says about the piece, “I portrayed two hands in a gesture that look like they might be gently tossing a bird into flight. My mouth is watering at the sound of birds…..YUMZ.

The last few pics are of the show simply to give you an idea of the venue but please take note of the kitty cat.. I was trying to get into a stray cat fight with that art piece but my mom, Cynthia Underwood, put a stop to it. Hiss! 

What show isn’t made better by a neon sign saying “Tell me yours I will tell you mine”?

What a fang-a-licious show!

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