Stewie the Art Expert Cat reviews Jenny Belin’s kitty cats

stewie the art expert cat Jul 21, 2018

Stewie the Art Expert Cat reviews Jenny Belin’s work:

Talk about cat-a-licious! Meow! Jenny Belin’s work focuses on cats, and also other things, but as a cat I know that I am the center of the world so we’re talking about cat things here. Purrr….I’ve included quite a few paintings in this write up and each of these portray of the individual personality of the cat or other animal. Bravo. Each of us cats has our own personality and Belin captures that with the poses and expressions. Oh, an the brushwork makes each of these babies total meowdels. I didn’t catch the names of some of the works so I’m naming them myself:

1.Pussy Power:  Paws up for this feminist and equal rights portrait! Bravo!

2. Edye the Sweetie: this one is in her current show at Viridian Inc in NYC and will look fabulous on your wall.  DM Stewie for info on purchasing this pretty baby.

3. Edye enjoying the texture of a textile next to her portrait. Edye is a really pretty kitty!

4. The svelte artist, Jenny Belin in a vintage cat dress at her opening at Viridian Inc. meow ❤️

5. Chipmunk DINNER meow! Claws out! Yumz! 

6. These white kittens are so fantastic it could be me when I was a kitten. Belin duplicated the one sweet baby five times because how could she not? She found her one kitty soul mate and wanted to be Uber fulfilled...meow….Kittens make the world go round. #future meowdel

7. Meowza!!! Purrr…..can I buy you some Friskies Shredded Beef, Ms. Sophisticated Lady? Meeeeoooow……you’re pretty. 

8. Someone needs to steal this painting along with the Munch painting that got stolen. This white cat has a lot going on in her/his mind that all of us cats want to hear about.  Claws out! You are safe here.

9. Last but definitely number one: Is this a portrait of me? Meowdel for sure! 

Pawsome work, Jenny Belin. Check out her current show now at Viridian Inc in New York. DM here for more info..



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