High Power Art Consultation

Do you need help creating a portfolio? Is making connections in the art world tough for you? Do you know how to write an artist's CV? I am offering consultations where I will teach you these things. During our consultation we'll dive into your needs in moving your art career forward in a powerful way.

 We'll talk on the phone or Skype and dive into your current needs in moving your art career forward in a powerful way. The consultation includes a no nonsense 45 minute talk where we dive deep into your needs and goals and the path to reach them. During our second 45 minute phone call or Skype we will go over what you’ve done towards reaching your goals and we’ll figure out any necessary tweaks that need to be made. After the two phone calls/Skype you have the option to email me two times with questions. 

During our talk we can map out steps to take to:

• get into more shows 

• increase your visibility in the art world and among prospective buyers

• organize your schedule so that you have ample time to promote yourself

-figure out how to differentiate your work from other people's

• make your portfolio shine

• create an AWESOME artist statement that will show your work and you off in a way that attracts the right galleries and buyers. 


and anything else you may need in order to propel you forward.


Let’s do this!